My Universe: Doctors and Nurses (Switch)

Join the hospital's top medical team!
Take turns to play as either a doctor or nurse. Diagnose illnesses and infections to treat and help your patients. Set out on an adventure in a buzzing hospital environment. Meet all sorts of different characters and discover a story full of surprises.

Start your career!
You have the option to play as two new recruits who've just arrived. Gradually, you'll realise that your day-to- day existence is going to be anything but restful. Build relationships with the other members of your new team and get to know their funny and moving personalities. But be sure not to get distracted by your rival, Doctor Pierce! Over the course of your adventure, you'll take care of the various patients who present to you at the hospital as the days go by. Listen carefully to them to understand their symptoms and play fun mini-games to treat them. Every day is a new challenge with its fair share of surprises!
  • A new reference in the life simulation genre with a medical simulation game
  • A fun and playful medical experience! Have fun taking care of your patients!
  • Play mini games to treat your patients. Master all 15!
  • Play as the Doctor and the Nurse, experience working in a hospital as a team. You can change which character you want to play as.
  • Progress in a bustling environment, meet different patients and help them with their own needs.
  • Pay attention to your patients to understand their symptoms.

  • PLEASE NOTE: This game contains a download code only – No game card is included.
    SKU: 839582-product
    Release Date: 19/03/2024