My Life: Farm Vet (PlayStation 5)

As a passionate veterinarian it is your job to take care of ill and injured farm animals.

Use various examination techniques, make the right diagnosis and treat your animal patients accordingly. Take responsibility for the care of all animals - just like a real farm vet. Whether they are cute rabbits, cats, dogs or bigger animals like horses, sheep, pigs or cows, they all need your loving care to get well soon.

Build trust with both small and large, two and four legged animals and they be come healthy again soon. The animals you have taken it in haven't had it easy so far but, luckily, they are in good hands with you. Brush, stroke and feed your animals and help them find a new home - they'll be grateful forever.

Discover a large 3D mopen world with 3 different farms in which you can get around on foot or horseback or by car.

  • Different kinds of illnesses
  • Examinations and treatments - just like a real vet
  • Customizable player character
  • Large open 3d world
  • Move around on foot, horseback or by car
  • Treat and take care of pigs, cows & baby cows, sheep, lambs and goats, horses & foals, chicken, ducks & geese, dogs, cats & rabbits
  • SKU: 841955-product
    Release Date: 13/06/2024