My Hero Academia Plus Ultra! Board Game (Puzzles and Board Games)

In a world populated with superheroes, few are able to make it to the ranks of Pro Hero! We would like to welcome you to U.A. High. Here we will be preparing you to beat power-hungry villains who threaten the peace of our country and world.

We urge you to brace yourselves. Each day your quirks will be put to the test. You’ll learn who you truly are, and through your experiences, learn what it takes to be a hero. You will develop your own skills and come up with your hero aliases. The League of Villains is on the rise and we cannot let them wreak havoc on the citizens.

Let’s do everything we can to stop them...and let’s do it Plus Ultra!
  • 30 minute play time
  • 2-4 players
  • suitable for ages 14+
  • SKU: 824471-product
    Release Date: 28/09/2022