Mouse Trap (Puzzles and Board Games)

The Mouse Trap board game, a longtime family favorite, is always good for zany action and lots of laughs - and this edition is easier to set up than previous versions!

Scurry around the board collecting cheese and stealing cheese from other players … but watch out for the trap!

The first player to collect 6 cheese wedges wins. While kids are engaged in playing the Mouse Trap game, they can practice valuable skills in construction, cause and effect, and decision-making. As they interact with the trap, a working multi-part machine, kids can practice construction skills.

They can also work on understanding cause and effect as they explore how the trap's actions cause reactions. And players can practice decision making as they analyze the situation and determine the next best step. Best of all, kids can have lots of fun playing this wacky children's board game! It's one of the funniest and most creative indoor games for kids.

Family board games like the Mouse Trap game make great kids gifts for boys and girls. Add this kids board game to your next Family Game Night!
ZANY ACTION & CHAIN REACTION GAME: Remember playing the Mouse Trap game as a child? Create special moments by introducing your kids and grandkids to classic Mouse Trap gameplay

WATCH OUT FOR THE TRAP: Scurry around the gameboard, but watch out for the trap! Players set off a chain reaction to catch other players' mice. Be the first to collect 6 cheese wedges to win

EASY SET UP: This edition of the Mouse Trap game for kids is easier to set up than previous versions, so kids can get right to the mouse-catchin' action

PRACTICE VALUABLE SKILLS: When kids play the Mouse Trap board game, they can practice skills such as construction, cause and effect, and decision-making

KIDS GAMES FOR 2-4 PLAYERS: The Mouse Trap family game for kids is a lively indoor game for playdates, sleepovers, and rainy days.

GREAT GIFTS FOR KIDS: Children's games make great gifts for 6 year old boys and girls and up
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Release Date: 23/05/2023