Monopoly Fortnite (Puzzles and Board Games)

In this thrilling Fortnite edition of the Monopoly game, players claim locations, battle opponents, and avoid the Storm to survive.
The gameplay, design, and components of the board game include elements inspired by the video game including Fortnite locations and loot chest cards, Instead of Monopoly money, players earn Health Points.
First choose a character: pick from 27 awesome outfits. Then, it's time to battle. The action die lets players pick up health packs, build walls, and damage their opponents.


  • Gameboard
  • 27 cardboard outfits with pawn stands
  • 15 Storm cards
  • 16 location cards
  • 16 loot chest cards
  • 8 Wall cards
  • 1 numbered die
  • 1 action die with labels
  • 110 Health Point chips
  • Game guide
  • This Monopoly game is inspired by the popular Fortnite video game, so Fortnite fans rejoice! It's not about how much money the players have; it's about how long they can last.

  • Fans of Fortnite will enjoy the Monopoly: Fortnite Edition board game, which allows 2 to 7 players to claim areas, battle their opponents, and avoid the Storm in order to survive; the last player standing wins.

  • Monopoly: Fortnite Edition uses well-known locales as properties, and players must earn Health Point chips rather than Monopoly money to stay in the game.

  • Battle Opponents: In this entertaining board game for Monopoly and Fortnite enthusiasts, ages 13 and up, use loot chest items and the action die to battle opponents.

  • SKU: 752134-product
    Release Date: 18/09/2019