Modern Warfare 2 Branded Throat Communicator Headset for Xbox 360 (Accessories)

360 Throat Communicator

As every soldier knows, to stay alive and come out of a warzone victorious, you need the best hardware and clear communication on the battlefield – and the Modern Warfare 2 Branded Throat Communicator Headset offers you both!

Based on an authentic military design, the microphones on this headset sit around your throat and picks up sound as it leaves your larynx, making for crystal clear communication with no extraneous background noise – so it’s even easier to guide your team to victory.

With a look and feel of real military tech and the Modern Warfare 2 logo proudly emblazoned on it, the Throat Communicator Headset brings hardcore CoD players even closer to the intense reality of Modern Warfare!

  • Officially licensed by Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
  • Unique throat MIC design that eliminates background noises and offers crystal clear sound and communication
  • Inspired by authentic military design
SKU: 217802-product
Release Date: 10/11/2009