Mobil 1 Rally Championship (PC)

Maximum power behind the wheel. With numerous rally cars to choose from, Mobil 1 Rally Championship is definitely for those who fancy their chances as a rally driver. Mobil 1 Rally Championship is renowned for its stunning graphic effects, including the most photo-realistic display ever seen in a game of this type, with full weather effects and advanced car physics. 36 stages of the British Rally Championship are recreated with over 420 miles of Ordnance Survey licensed roads laid down to give a spectacularly accurate visual feel to the game. Not only is the game sharp on detail, but it also contains many superior features such as: advanced light-mapping, environment mapping, MIP mapping, alpha blending and texture animations which all combine to build a world where you can drive almost anywhere as you explore real life stages of the British Rally Championship. With 6 camera angles, fantastic special effects and 5 game modes: simulation, arcade, time trial, single player, and network (for up to 8 players), you'll find yourself racing in day and night, morning and dusk, sunshine, rain, snow, under bridges and through water.
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