MiTEC Micro USB to USB-A Cable 1m White (Mobile Accessories)

Charge, sync and connect your Micro USB devices effortlessly, with MiTEC’s MiPOWER 1m charge/sync cable-Your everyday powering essential.

This cable is 1m in length, making it perfect for extended charging usage and data transmission. Simply carry in your bag and power up your device when needed.
All MiTEC cables are reinforced with Anti-Split housing at the tip, creating a highly robust and flex-resistant build at the weakest point of the cable. Normal Anti-Split housing is tested with a pull and twist technique 10,000 times, but MiTEC Anti-Split housing, is tested 20,000 times and is designed to protect the cable housing as it connects to the plug.

Greenshoots packaging is 100% recyclable, so that you can power up your world, without damaging ours.
SKU: 828769-product
Release Date: 01/01/2023