Minecraft Turtle Case (Merchandise)

This giant-sized Minecraft Turtle transforms into a multi-level hideout and command base for Steve and his little Turtle friend (included).

There are four action levels and a window with a changing ocean view.

The giant Turtle's mouth opens to revel a secret entrance.

It's endless fun for Minecraft video games as they act out aquatic adventures.

Also stores extra figures (each sold separately). Colours and decorations may vary
  • This Minecraft turtle toy opens up to reveal an awesome four-level hideout and command base inspired by the smash-hit video game
  • Four action levels and a window with a changing ocean view for awesome aquatic adventures. Plus, the Turtle's mouth contains a secret entrance for the included action figures to enter through
  • Playset includes Steve and Turtle friend action figures, stylised just like the pixelated characters from the game. The Turtle hideout has four levels, a viewing window and a secret entrance
  • Kids can explore the four levels of the hideout and command base, coming up with scenes inspired by their in-game adventures
  • Collectable gift for fans aged 6+.
  • Turtle playset made from 20% recycled ocean-bound plastic.
  • Contains storage space for extra character action figures (sold separately)
  • SKU: 816148-product
    Release Date: 20/05/2022