Microsoft Digital Media Keyboard 3000 (Accessories)

Bring your digital media to life with one-touch access to photos, your Windows Media Player, and more. Zoom into your documents, maps, or image files quickly and easily. This sleek, thin, wired keyboard is also designed with Windows Vista in mind.

Microsoft Digital Media Keyboard 3000 Features:

  • Digital Media Access: Media Center - Control your media activities with the touch of a button.
  • Hot Keys: One-touch access to Windows Media Player, e-mail, Home, calculator, My Documents, instant messaging, and photos.
  • Zoom: Easily zoom in and out of images, documents, maps, and more.
  • “My Favorites” Hot Keys: Customise these 5 keys to instantly bring up the photos, folders, files, and Web pages you use most. Simply push and hold to set.
  • Enhanced F Keys: Perform common commands from your keyboard.
  • Windows Flip 3D Key2: Experience this dynamic Windows Vista feature by pressing a key to display a 3D overlay of all open windows, and cycle through them.
  • Windows Start Button: Simply press to launch your Start menu. If you have Windows Vista installed, search your PC or the Web right from there.
  • Spill-Resistant Keys: Integrated water channels drain the liquid away.
SKU: 204507-product
Release Date: 29/07/2008