Michael Vaughan's Championship Cricket Manager (PC)

If you are a cricket fan and like to get immersed in the tactics of the game, Championship Cricket Manager puts you in the stressful yet rewarding role of the team boss. Choose from over 125 managerial positions worldwide, take your team to the very top of the league and capture The Ashes.

Championship Cricket Manager is a realistic and challenging simulation, and for the firsttime ever, you can manage teams such as the West Indies, Australia and England. There arestatistics for more than 3,500 players, stats including all aspects of a player’sattributes, including batting, bowling, fielding skill and aggression. Buying, trading andselling the right players is an important part of any manager’s job, and finding theperfect team combination is the first step to victory. As your success rating increases,you will be offered better positions and improved contracts.

The depth of this game is amazing, even when compared to other comprehensive managementtitles. All professional grounds, players, domestic and international competitions arefaithfully recreated. Once you have decided on your line-up and formulated your strategy,it’s time to take to the pitch to watch the teams battle it out. Reacting to theother teams tactics in real-time is a true test of a good manager.

You can use the game’s Editor to create your own players and modify existing playerand ground data. Once you’ve accumulated a cupboard-full of awards and trophies, youcan print out your records to show off to your friends. With support for up to eightplayers on a single PC, Championship Cricket Manager is a surprisingly good multi-playergame as well.

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