Meta Quest 2 Carrying Case (Virtual Reality)

Protect your Quest 2 in style, at home or on the move. This lightweight, portable solution efficiently and compactly stores your headset, controllers, cables, power adapter and either Elite Strap.

A dual-shell casing and shock absorbent interior moulding give protection against bumps, rattles and drops.

A graphite-grey felt covering, debossed Meta Quest logo and slim profile present a sleek and premium feel. A recessed dual zip guarantees easy access wherever you go, without interrupting the Carrying Case’s stylish appearance.
Protect your Quest 2 on the move with a contoured foam inner moulding holds contents in place as you travel, absorbing rattles and bumps.

Store your Quest 2 safely, wherever you are, with a dual-shell outer casing that keeps your headset and accessories out of harm.

Carry your Quest 2 in comfort. Lightweight construction, soft hand strap and rounded profile make your Quest 2 and accessories an easy carry.

A dual zip makes it easier to open and close your Carrying Case, while internal mouldings hold everything secure without the need for straps or harnesses.

Enjoy effortless compatibility with official Meta Quest hardware and accessories (sold separately).

Premium Meta Quest materials, colours and finish throughout.

Meta Quest packaging will continue to carry the Oculus name and logo during the transition to our new branding.
SKU: 801358-product
Release Date: 13/11/2020