Men in Black videogame coming next year

Men in Black videogame coming next year

Activision has announced that a new videogame starring the ever-popular Men in Black is to be released next year.

The game is being developed for home consoles and handhelds to coincide with the long-awaited theatrical release of Men in Black III, the third instalment in the hit Will Smith/Tommy Lee Jones sci-fi comedy franchise.

Activision's new videogame will aim to capture the spirit of the movies, combining action-packed combat and high-tech gadgets with a light-hearted sense of fun and humour.

Gamers will be tasked with protecting Earth from the scum of the universe as an elite force of secret agents, encountering familiar faces while battling against new foes.

Mark Caplan of Sony Pictures said: "The Men in Black video game will be both familiar to fans, an exciting beginning for the uninitiated and revolutionary for the franchise."

The game will be developed by Fun Labs, the team behind titles such as Cabela's Big Game Hunter.

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Release Date: 14/10/2011