Mega Dino Fossil Find Surprise Egg S1 (Childrens Toys)

Mega Dino Fossil Find is making the ground shake! Dig through rock, sand, and slime to find dinosaur fossils. Assemble the fossil pieces to bring your mega dinosaur skeleton to life! Which prehistoric dinosaur will you find? Discover the Tyrannosaurs or Brontosaurs and collect both of them!

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Excavate: Dig through rock, magma slime and sand to find all the dinosaur fossils.

Build your Dino: Assemble your dino fossils and watch the dino come to life.

Lights up and Roars: Pull on the dinosaurs tail to watch it light up and let out a ferocious roar!

2 to Collect: Discover the Tyrannosaurs or Brontosaurs and collect them both!

Fossil Facts: Comes with an information pamphlet so you can learn all about your favorite dino from the size of the body to what they eat.
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Release Date: 24/08/2023