Medieval Trilogy (PC)

Medieval Trillogy: Three great games in one pack!

Knights of Honor

In Knights of Honor lead your armies into battle and build your empire with the help of your powerful knights. Your Knights are the most important elements of the game and with them you will fight wars, manage provinces and secure trade agreements with the other rulers.


Pirates at Large – experience with the world of Tortuga, either as a buccaneer in the service of His Majesty the King, or as a feared loathsome pirate. Your niches will increase beyond your wildest dreams through successful theft, plundering and looting ships, towns and completion of missions.

Patrician III

Patrician III places you in the late medieval period of the Northern Europe as the Hanse begins to grow. Will you succeed in your career, starting as a small trader and rising to an influential Patrician? Will your fame help you rise to governor, or leader of the Hanse?

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Release Date: 29/08/2008