Medal of Honor: Warfighter coming this year

A new entry in EA's revamped Medal of Honor series will be hitting consoles in October 2012.

Medal of Honor: Warfighter is being developed by Danger Close and will once again offer an authentic representation of the lives of Tier 1 Operators, some of the most elite servicemen in the US armed forces.

Early details on the sequel, as revealed by the Official US Xbox Magazine, show that the game will be powered by the advanced Frostbite 2.0 graphics engine, which was used to stunning effect in the recent Battlefield 3 and Need for Speed: The Run.

This time around, the team at Danger Close will be developing both the solo and multiplayer modes, after Battlefield developer DICE took charge of handling online play in the previous game.

The game will aim to build on the multimillion-selling success of the 2010 Medal of Honor reboot, which was the first in the esteemed series to take place in the present day rather than World War II.

It featured a gritty portrayal of the contemporary conflict in Afghanistan, with gameplay, tactics and characters based heavily on real life.

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Release Date: 24/02/2012