Mass Effect 3 players 'should keep their save game files'

BioWare has dropped a tantalising hint for fans by suggesting that players should keep hold of their save game files once they complete the forthcoming Mass Effect 3.

In an interview with GamerZines, associated producer Mike Gamble said it "wouldn't be a bad idea" for gamers not to delete their saves, though he stopped short of revealing any details as to why.

The Mass Effect games allow players to carry their save files between instalments, meaning any decisions they make as Commander Shepard have lasting repercussions affecting the storyline of the whole trilogy.

Mass Effect 3 is billed as the final chapter in Shepard's story, but Mr Gamble's comments hint that future Mass Effect titles could continue the same narrative.

However, the BioWare man offered assurances that the upcoming threequel will still offer a proper conclusion, saying: "We want the outcomes to be satisfying to the player. That doesn't necessarily mean they're all going to be happy or positive, but they have to be satisfying."

Mass Effect 3 launches on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC in March 2012, with an online demo set to be released next week.

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Release Date: 06/02/2012