Marvel's Midnight Suns: 600 Eclipse Credits (Xbox One)

Eclipse Credits are an in-game currency for Marvel’s Midnight Suns used to purchase premium cosmetic character skins via the in-game Marketplace.

Customize the look of your Midnight Suns team and fight the legions of Lilith in style!

This pack contains 600 Eclipse Credits.

Owners of the Legendary Edition or the Season Pass already have all premium character skins and should not purchase Eclipse Credits.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns game required, sold separately.

Premium cosmetic character skins must be used with in-game characters.

Some characters may require unlocking through gameplay.
Marvel's Midnight Suns's in-game currency, called Eclipse Credits, may be used to buy high-end cosmetic character skins from the in-game Market.

Create a unique outfit for your Midnight Suns team to battle Lilith's armies with style!

There are 600 Eclipse Credits

SKU: 825797-product
Release Date: 06/12/2022