Take your battlestation to the next level with a Halberd gaming desk. Halberd desks come in a variety of different sizes and colours to help you find the perfect base for your setup, as well as a range of accessories to add some style to the desk itself.

Halberd Gaming Desks

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are L shaped gaming desks good for gaming?

    L shaped desks are great for gaming - they have ample space for a multi monitor setup and fit perfectly in the corner of a room. For the budding streamer they're especially helpful, with room for your gaming displays in front and room for your stream playback to the side.

  • How much does a gaming desk cost?

    You can't put a price on quality, and you want the best for your setup. A basic desk can cost anywhere between £100-£300 pounds, but for extras like RGB lighting, adjustable heights and built-in gaming surfaces you'll be looking at a bit more.

  • What gaming desk should I get?

    The perfect gaming desk varies from person to person, and it can depend on what you want from your setup. If you're looking at streaming or video making an L-Shaped desk is ideal, whereas for others a desk with as much RGB lighting as possible will be best.

  • What gaming desk do The Yogscast use?

    The Yogscast use specially designed Halberd gaming desks, ranging from the height adjustable Stance range to the solid Stoic range to cater for everyone in the office.

  • What makes a good gaming desk?

    A good gaming desk should be sturdy and strong. You'll also want some form of cable tray to keep all your wires tidy. Other desks include built-in gaming surfaces and RGB lighting to really upgrade your setup.