Love Hearts 18cm (7”) Broccoli (Plushies)

Do you, or know anyone, that likes to 'live life on the veg' like our adorable Broc-star Brian the Broccoli?

Brian makes for the perfect treat or gift, to those that like to try new things and that have a 'give it a go' adventurous attitude.

Every now and again, everyone should be more like Brain the Brocoli and take a little risk.

Brian also makes a great gift for vegan friends in your life.
Are you or do you know someone who enjoys "living life on the veg," much like our lovable broccoli star Brian?

For people with an adventurous spirit and a willingness to try new things, Brian is the ideal treat or gift.

Everyone ought to occasionally take a chance and be more like Brain the Brocoli.

For your pals that are vegan, Brian also makes a wonderful present.
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Release Date: 05/09/2023