Lonsdale Wii Dumbbells (Accessories)

Whether you are young or old , male or female, new to the world of keep fit or a veteran of those gruelling training sessions in the gym, the Lonsdale Variable Weight Dumbbells are ideal for your exercising needs. There is a range of weight options available to either keep you in your comfort zone or challenge yourself to reach the next level within your personal training programme. Improve your strength , stamina and all round fitness when using the LONSDALE Variable Weight Dumbbells along with your favourite fitness or exercise game on your Nintendo Wii.

  • Non slip finish to ensure increased grip,comfort and safety during workout sessions
  • Perfectly balanced for ease of use
  • Designed to incorporate the Wii remote and Nunchuk, dependant on game play requirements
  • The Wii remote dumbbell incorporates an IR window to allow full access to the on screen selection menu during game play
  • Choose to increase the weight of each dumbbell by 0.5Kg , 1.0Kg or 1.5Kg using the add on weight discs provided
  • Can also be used within conventional keep fit training sessions
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