Logic 3 PC Rumble Pad (Accessories)

<p>The USB Rumble Game Pad together with its software driver, experience vibration feedback when playing games. The pad features analog & digital modes, 12 Fire buttons and dual analog thumb sticks.</p><p><strong>The USB Rumble Game Pad Features:</strong></p><ul type=disc> <li>12 action/fire buttons </li> <li>8-way D-pad that can work as a hat switch or as a digital direction control </li> <li>2 analog mini sticks with auto-calibration and auto-centering </li> <li>2 built-in motors for vibration feedback </li> <li>Push Select Button for Digital (Dual) / Analog (Hat Switch) mode selection </li><li>Hat Switch Mode</li> <li>The 2 mini stick act as the X, Y, Throttle & Rudder analog axes D-pad works as 8-way POV (Point of View)</li> <li>Dual Mode: </li> <li>X, Y directional axes can be controlled by both the D-pad or left mini stick</li> <li>LED indicator for mode selection </li> <li>Compatible with Windows 98 / 2000 / ME & XP / Vista </li></ul>
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