Logic 3 Arcade Stick (Accessories)

Experience the intensity of an arcade machine in your own home! If the standard PS3, PS2 or PC controller is not  giving you the extra edge for those beat-em-up games perhaps the Logic3 Arcade Controller will better suit you're fighting needs.

The Arcade Controller has an eight way directional joystick and ten action buttons. Its soft touch rubber finish brings the authentic arcade feeling back to the classic arcade games. Its turbo - fire switch is great for shooting games or when your button bashing away trying to pull of the ultimate combo.

Logic3 Arcade Controller Features:

  • Arcade style controller
  • 8 Way directional controller / 10 action buttons
  • Turbo fire function
  • Macro Function
  • Soft touch rubber finish
  • Compatible with PS3, PS2 & PC
SKU: 230856-product