Living Forest (Puzzles and Board Games)

The forest is on fire and the Sacred Tree is in danger!

Four spirts Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn have been called to rescue the Sacred Tree from the grips of Onibi’s devastating flames.

Plant protective trees, fend off flames, combine valuable elements, and awaken Sanki – the Guardian of the Forest - in order to win the title of Grand Protector. But beware, at the end of each turn Onibi attacks again.

Can you save the forest in time?
In Living Forest, you play as a nature spirit who will try to save the forest and its sacred tree from the flames of Onibi.

But you are not alone in your mission as the animal guardians have come together to lend a hand around the Circle of Spirits where you progress. Each turn, they bring you valuable elements, so try to combine your team of animal guardians as best as possible to carry out your actions, but be careful because some are lonely and do not like to be mixed with others...
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Release Date: 01/09/2022