Lineage II: Interlude (PC)

Lineage II offers the world's elite Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game players unrivalled gaming experience as well as a fantastic player versus player combat (PvP) set against a lush backdrop of exotic creatures, rival clans, castle sieges and an ever-growing fantasy world. Interlude is the next huge, update for Lineage II offering the chance to take part in a game that has captured the imagination and subscriptions of over 14 million gamers worldwide. Forming a bridge between the Chaotic Chronicles and the future Chaotic Throne, Interlude hints at what is to come in the challenging times ahead.


  • New Zone - Primeval Isle
  • More weapon augmentations for incredible bonuses
  • Shadow weapons
  • New dueling system
  • Multiple new skills
  • Multiple new quests
SKU: 192021-product
Release Date: 13/04/2007