Lenco DAB+, BT, FM Radio, Rechargeable Battery (Other Tech)

The Lenco PDR-060 is a compact and versatile DAB+/FM radio that delivers digital sound quality for an enhanced radio listening experience. With the convenience of FM and the additional digital-only DAB+ stations, you can enjoy a wide range of radio stations without any disturbances.

Designed to be your constant companion, the Lenco PDR-060 is lightweight at just 1.2 kilograms and compact with dimensions of 18.5 by 12 centimetres. Whether you're at home or out in the park with friends, you can easily take your Lenco radio along and enjoy your favourite stations wherever you go.

Equipped with a powerful built-in 10W speaker, the Lenco PDR-060 delivers rich and immersive sound. Find a comfortable spot in the grass, use the included remote control to select your preferred channel, and relax as your music plays crystal clear through the park. The radio allows you to save up to twenty of your favourite radio stations for quick access. Enjoy the convenience of Bluetooth® technology, enabling you to wirelessly stream music from your smartphone or tablet. Additionally, you can listen to your favourite tracks from a USB device or SD card or connect your device using the Aux cable.

The Lenco PDR-060 features a built-in rechargeable battery that provides up to 14 hours of playtime. When the battery runs low, it can be fully charged in just 4 hours, ensuring you can get back on the move quickly. Set the sleep timer in the evening to determine when the radio will automatically stop playing and use the alarm clock function to wake up to your favourite music in the morning.

With its classic design and a 2.8" (6.85cm) diagonal colour display, the Lenco PDR-060 is a must-have for anyone who appreciates excellent sound quality and a timeless aesthetic
DAB+ and PLL FM radio: Enjoy the benefits of digital sound quality with DAB+ and access a wide range of radio stations. The PLL FM radio allows you to tune in to your favourite FM stations as well.

Bluetooth 5.0: Connect your smartphone or tablet wirelessly to the Lenco PDR-060 using Bluetooth 5.0 technology and stream your favourite music with ease.

2.8" TFT LCD colour display: The clear and vibrant 2.8" TFT LCD colour display provides a visual feast, allowing you to easily navigate through menus and view song information.

Dual alarm function: Set two separate alarms to wake up to your preferred radio station or buzzer sound. Start your day on the right note with the Lenco PDR-060.

Integrated rechargeable battery: The built-in rechargeable battery provides up to 14 hours of continuous playtime, allowing you to enjoy your music all day long.

Output power: 10-Watt (RMS): Experience powerful and immersive sound with the 10-Watt (RMS) output power of the Lenco PDR-060, delivering impressive audio performance.

USB and micro-SD playback: Play your favourite tracks directly from a USB device or micro-SD card, giving you more options for enjoying your music collection.

Included accessories: The Lenco PDR-060 comes with an AC adapter for convenient charging and a remote control for easy operation from a distance.

Connections: The radio offers various connectivity options including USB and headphone out, allowing you to connect external devices and enjoy personalized listening experiences.
SKU: 834167-product
Release Date: 17/07/2023