Lenco CD Player with Earphones Pink (Other Tech)

The Lenco CD-010 is a handy portable CD player. It has a clear LCD screen and easy-to-use buttons.

Do you travel regularly?
This portable CD player is your perfect travelling companion, with the Lenco CD-010, you always have your favourite music with you wherever you go.

Tired of listening to your favourite album chronologically?
With the Lenco CD-010 it is possible to determine the order of playback. You can let the CD player determine the next track or program your own sequence. Endlessly listen to your favourite song from the album using the repeat function.
The Lenco CD-010 works on both batteries and electricity. The CD player also has a battery charging circuit (batteries not included).

If the CD player does not play music for more than 30 seconds, it switches off automatically, this way you save the battery.

You can use the Lenco CD-010 again at the touch of a button.
SKU: 834156-product
Release Date: 17/07/2023