Lenco BT Turntable with MMC Cartridge (Other Tech)

The Lenco LBT-288WA is a high-quality turntable with Bluetooth® functionality. Connecting this turntable to your Bluetooth® speaker or headphones is easy and convenient, providing the ideal set-up for enjoying a full, warm sound while lounging on your couch at home.

Retrieve your old records from the attic and play them on this modern turntable, experiencing the nostalgia and joy of vinyl. Enjoy the crystal-clear sound of your vinyl records, both old and new, as the LBT-288WA delivers exceptional audio performance. Switch between 33 and 45 rpm to play your vinyl records at the right speed, ensuring an accurate playback experience.
The turntable includes an analogue-to-digital conversion system, allowing you to preserve your precious vinyl collection by easily archiving it to your computer using the USB port on the back of the turntable.

One of the standout features of the LBT-288WA is the high-quality MMC cartridge it comes equipped with, ensuring pristine sound reproduction and an enhanced listening experience.

The turntable boasts a robust construction with a metal turntable platter, belt drive, RCA connection, and an arm with a counterweight, all contributing to its outstanding performance and durability. The dust cover ensures that your turntable remains protected from dust and safeguarded from any potential external damage.

Included in the package are a CE-UK multi-plug and an AC power supply adapter, providing versatile power options for different regions.

With the Lenco LBT-288WA, you can revive your vinyl collection and immerse yourself in the captivating world of high-quality sound, rekindling the magic of classic records in a modern and convenient way.
SKU: 834148-product
Release Date: 17/07/2023