LEGO Disney/Pixar The Incredibles (PlayStation 4)

It’s time to be incredible and dust off the super suits. Purchase LEGO The Incredibles on PS4 and tackle crime in this unique universe.

Disey’s Pixar The Incredibles is getting squarer in LEGO The Incredibles. This anticipated game will include action-packed scenes and exhilarating moments from both The Incredibles and The Incredibles 2. 

Take control of the Parr family and use their abilities individually or as a team as you fight crime and take down the city’s villains. Explore the incredible worlds of Municiberg and New Urbem in this comedic and action-packed LEGO game.

Get ready for a world of LEGO fun and buy LEGO The Incredibles on PlayStation 4.

Join the Parr family and help them tackle crime in the city. Purchase LEGO The Incredibles on PlayStation 4 today,

Our favourite superhero family are back! They have their super suits on and they are ready to bring justice to the city and take down the villains. Enjoy action-packed scenes from both The Incredibles and The Incredibles 2 as the Parr family go square. 

Play as your favourite member of the family as you explore worlds from the films including Municiberg and New Urbem. In LEGO The Incredibles, you must help the Parr’s use all of their unique abilities individually and together as a team to take even take out the harshest of villains.

Frozone has his super suit and they are all ready to build their way out of trouble with the handy LEGO bricks. Get ready to be more incredible as you play your way through this LEGO game!

Think you have what it takes to help the Parr family? Find your super suit and purchase LEGO The Incredibles on PlayStation 4 today!
SKU: 725554-product
Release Date: 13/07/2018