LEGO 77049 AC Isabelle's House Visit (Merchandise)

Girls and boys aged 6+ create their own stories inspired by the Animal Crossing video game series with the Isabelle’s House Visit (77049) kids’ toy. They can build recognisable scenes from their screens, then take the storytelling wherever their imaginations want to go!

Kids take a tour of Fauna’s house with Isabelle. The interior, styled in Fauna’s colours, is filled with recognisable details, as well as a host of new ones to inspire kids to create fresh stories for the characters.

They can fire the pretend slingshot to pop the present-carrying balloon, check the mobile phone tile for messages, pop a letter in the letterbox or help the minifigures water the garden and grab an apple from the tree. The workbench holds a DIY recipe card, and there’s a surprise hidden in the tree. Kids rearrange the furniture, swap the window frames and even reassemble the baseplates to choose how the house looks.
Feature-packed sets for storytellers
LEGO Animal Crossing toys give kids the creative freedom to customise scenes to create new stories with the characters

Packed with play starters
This LEGO Animal Crossing set includes 2 minifigures, Isabelle and Fauna, plus recognisable features such as the workbench and the flying present-carrying balloon

Customisable kids’ toy
This set comes with lots of accessories and modular baseplates so kids can experiment and change up the look of the house whenever they choose

Digital building instructions
The LEGO Builder app features a digital version of the building instructions included with this set

This 389-piece set measures over 17 cm (6.5 in.) high, 25 cm (10 in.) wide and 16 cm (6 in.) deep when arranged in standard configuration
SKU: 838070-product
Release Date: 01/03/2024