LEGO 75387 Boarding the Tantive IV (Merchandise)

LEGO Star Wars Tantive IV buildable playset for kids
Recreate the iconic Boarding the Tantive IV scene from Star Wars: A New Hope where Darth Vader and his Stormtroopers battled the Rebels

7 LEGO Star Wars minifigures
Darth Vader, 2 Stormtroopers, 2 Rebel Fleet Troopers and Captain Antilles, plus a LEGO Star Wars 25th anniversary minifigure of ARC Trooper Fives with a display stand

Buildable fantasy toy playset with fun features
Flick levers to ‘blast’ open the entrance door to the corridor and topple LEGO minifigures during battle play

Collectible LEGO Star Wars building toy for kids

Connectors allow builders to add another 75387 set (sold separately) to extend the corridor

Fun gift for Star Wars fans aged 8 and over
Give this collectible building toy as a birthday gift to kids who are into Star Wars and collectors of Star Wars memorabilia

A helping hand
Using the LEGO Builder app, kids can zoom, rotate and visualise a digital version of this construction toy as they build, track their progress, save sets and more

LEGO Star Wars sets for all ages
LEGO Star Wars building toys enable kids and adult fans to recreate iconic scenes, make up their own action adventures or simply display the brick-built models

Build, play and display
The Tantive IV corridor buildable model in this 502-piece set measures over 8 cm (3 in.) high, 22 cm (8.5 in.) wide and 13 cm (5 in.) deep
SKU: 838118-product
Release Date: 01/03/2024