LEGO 71802 Ninjago Nya's Rising Dragon Strike (Merchandise)

Boys and girls aged 6 and over can recreate action-packed scenes from season 2 of the NINJAGO Dragons Rising TV show with Nya’s Rising Dragon Strike (71802) ninja playset.

Kids will be excited to build the first-ever LEGO NINJAGO dragon action toy before they slam down the dragon’s golden tail and watch as it bursts into action.

This building set comes with 2 minifigures: Rising Dragon Nya, who comes with a katana sword accessory and can ride on the dragon model, and a Wolf Mask Claw Warrior with claws.

Kids can stage epic battles between the ninja figures to win the orange dragon power element from inside the blue dragon’s posable mouth.

The rest of the LEGO NINJAGO range of buildable ninja toys for kids includes mechs, vehicles and temples so fans can role-play adventures with their heroes (sets sold separately).

Each fantasy toy can be created with the LEGO Builder app, which guides you and your child on an easy and intuitive building adventure.
Action-packed dragon toy for kids 
Boys and girls aged 6 and over can play out battles from season 2 of the NINJAGO Dragons Rising TV show with Nya’s Rising Dragon Strike gliding dragon toy

Ninja action toy
Kids can place Rising Dragon Nya on the back of the blue dragon toy, slam down its golden tail and launch them both forwards

2 LEGO NINJAGO minifigures 
This ninja playset features a Nya minifigure armed with a mini katana sword accessory so kids can role-play clashes with a Wolf Mask Claw Warrior

Dragon power element 
Blue dragon fantasy toy includes an orange dragon power element in its mouth

Ninja gift 
LEGO NINJAGO set provides a fun build-and-play experience and is a gift idea for kids who deserve an unexpected treat

Bigger ninja adventures  
Look out for more LEGO NINJAGO toys (sets sold separately) to stage races between them

A universe of ninja toys for kids
LEGO®NINJAGO sets include mechs, vehicles and temples, and let kids escape into a fantasy world of adventure with their ninja heroes
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