LEGO 42181 Technic VTOL Heavy Cargo Spaceship LT81 (Merchandise)

Space enthusiasts can enjoy a build to remember with the LEGO Technic VTOL Heavy Cargo Spaceship LT81 (42181) for kids aged 10+ who love space plane toys.

This futuristic spaceship vehicle toy model has lots to ignite curiosity as kids play out exciting cargo transport missions on distant planets.

The set is packed with cool features including gears that rotate the engines, extend and retract the landing gear and lower the claw to grab the cargo pod loaded with a mini space rover.

There’s even a handle on top so young space fans can swoop this futuristic spaceship around the room as they play.

To take space adventures to the next dimension, this set also includes a special space air-lock element to connect to other compatible space-themed LEGO playsets (sold separately).

And with the LEGO Builder App, kids can zoom in and rotate models in 3D as they build, save sets and track their progress.
Build a futuristic cargo spaceship 
Young space fans aged 10+ have lots to explore as they build and play with this LEGO Technic VTOL Heavy Cargo Spaceship LT81 space plane toy set

Vertical takeoff and landing gear 
Kids can deploy and retract the landing gear as they explore the possibilities and challenges of living and working on different planets through imaginative play

Transport the cargo 
Includes a mini space rover that can be loaded into the cargo pod and slung under the spaceship using the extending claw

Grab handle and rotating engines 
Young space explorers can grab the handle, rotate the engines, and marvel at the self-levelling cockpit as they play out different flying manoeuvres

A spaced-themed toy 
Makes a fun gift idea for kids aged 10 and over who are interested in space travel and futuristic plane toys

Air-lock element 
Comes with a special space air-lock element so kids can connect this model to other compatible space-themed LEGO sets (sold separately) for even more space travel adventures

An introduction to engineering
LEGO Technic sets feature realistic movement and mechanisms that introduce LEGO builders to the universe of engineering in an approachable and realistic way

This 1,365-piece set includes a spaceship measuring over 19 cm (7 in.) high, 52 cm (20 in.) long and 47 cm (18.5 in.) wide
SKU: 838134-product
Release Date: 01/03/2024