LEGO 21254 Minecraft Turtle House (Merchandise)

This model house shaped like a Minecraft turtle is packed inside and out with Minecraft action and animal fun.

With 3 iconic characters and a cool structure to build, the LEGO Minecraft The Turtle Beach House (21254) set is a great gift idea for kids and Minecraft players aged 8 and over.

Players build a turtle-shaped Minecraft house with windows, lanterns, a door, bed, table, crafting table and a furnace. A lift-off roof gives easy access to the interior. Outside, there’s a beach area with sugar cane, turtle eggs and a bamboo raft with oars. There are familiar Minecraft figures and mobs: a Turtle Skin Warrior in a turtle skin and helmet, a Drowned with a trident, a Turtle nibbling seagrass and 3 baby turtles. Other accessories in this toy for gamers include a spyglass and a map.

Fans of gaming action, creative construction and animal care will love this versatile toy. For extra digital fun, the LEGO Builder app allows builders to zoom in, rotate models in 3D and track their progress.
LEGO Minecraft turtle house model
This gift for gamers and kids features iconic Minecraft mob characters and is a versatile building toy for girls and boys aged 8+

Animal-care toy for gamers
This LEGO Minecraft toy includes a buildable Minecraft house with 3 Minecraft figures: a Turtle Skin Warrior, Turtle and a Drowned

Many ways to play
This hands-on role-play toy offers kids multiple play scenarios, including creative construction, battle action and animal nurturing

Building toy with accessories
Popular Minecraft elements include a spyglass, map and bamboo raft

Gift for gamers
Give this gaming role-play toy to fans of Minecraft buildings, characters and animals aged 8 and over

Combines with other sets
The Turtle Beach House integrates easily with other LEGO Minecraft toys (sold separately) to expand the fun even more

Minecraft made real
LEGO Minecraft sets give kids a different way to enjoy the popular game, with mobs, scenes and features brought to life with the hands-on creativity of LEGO bricks

Building toy for kids
The set has 234 pieces and measures over 5 cm (2 in.) high, 24 cm (9 in.) wide and 16 cm (6 in.) deep
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