League of Legends to create an artificial reef

League of Legends to create an artificial reef

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World-conquering PC free-to-play game League of Legends is opening an Australian server, and to celebrate publisher Riot Games has come up with a really cool promotion.

The company is going to create a League of Legends statue, designed in conjunction with marine biologists, and sink it to the bottom of the ocean where it will form an artificial reef. The cool part is, players can have their names engraved on the statue for all time before it is sunk into place.

To earn this honour, players must earn a cumulative 275,000 points during “Ocean Week”, which runs from 23 January to 30 January. Points are earned by winning matches while playing with a character designated as an Ocean Champion, with each victory being worth one point.

There are several tiers of rewards for the community to aim for over the week. A mere 30,000 points earned will unlock eight new Champions for the week, while higher scores will award new skins and boosts. Should the League of Legends community earn the 275,000 points needed to create the statue, everybody who contributed at least three points to the total will have their name etched into the stone for eternity.

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Release Date: 19/01/2015