LankyBox Mini Mystery Box (Childrens Toys)

LankyBox, the most highly viewed YouTube gaming duo in the world, features stars Justin and Adam, along with their cast of animated characters including Boxy, Foxy, and Rocky.

They create high-energy, laugh-out-loud videos including challenges, gaming and shorts.

Great things can also come in smaller packages! The LankyBox Mini Mystery Box is exactly that, as it contains lots of unboxing surprises based on the high-energy and creativity of the popular YouTube channel.

It includes 2 collectible mini figures, a squishy figure, a pop-it, and 3 stickers, all at an affordable price.

It’s must-have for LankyBox fans!
Key Features:
  • Based on LankyBox the #1 gaming duo on YouTube
  • Includes 2 mystery figures, 1 squishy figure, a pop-it, and 3 stickers
  • An affordable mystery bundle for the biggest LankyBox fans
  • SKU: 830166-product
    Release Date: 11/04/2023