Konix World of Tanks MP-25 XXL Gaming Mousepad Mat with Rubber Texture Grip - Multicoloured (Other formats)

The Konix World of Tanks MP-25 mousepad gives you total control and takes full advantage of the potential of your gamer mouse. Specially adapted for gaming, it has a non-slip base to maximize grip on your carpet so you do not move when you're in the middle of a battle. You then benefit from a faultless precision to gain the upper hand over your opponents.

Features -
XX Large Size: Allows you to play without being obstructed by mousepad limits
Quality Conception: Extra smooth surface for a precise movement of the mouse
Non Slippery Base: Base made of rubber for maximal grip to the desk
Blanket stitch edging for longevity
Image inspired by Battlefield of the tank
In-game Code: For new players: T-127 tank + garage slot + 7 days of premium account. For existing players: 1 day of premium account.
Dimensions W x H x D -
900 x 460 x 3 mm Approximately.
SKU: 739050-product