Kinect Star Wars coming in April 2012

Microsoft and LucasArts have announced that the long-awaited Kinect Star Wars will be released in the UK this April.

The motion-controlled title will feature a wide array of modes and gameplay challenges that allow fans to become Jedi Knights, wield lightsabers and use the Force, all through the power of Kinect.

Players will be able to engage in space battles, pilot speeder bikes and duel against iconic Star Wars villains, while a bonus Galactic Dance Off mode lets them groove along to Star Wars-themed pop tunes and challenge Darth Vader to a dance battle.

The game includes scenes and set-pieces taken from all six films and will also feature optional 3D visuals, creating the most immersive Star Wars experience ever.

Kinect Star Wars will also be included in a new console bundle that features a special Xbox 360 designed to resemble plucky droid R2-D2, as well as a gold controller resembling his friend C-3PO.

Almost 20 million Kinect units have been sold since the hugely popular motion-tracking camera was released in November 2010.

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Release Date: 08/02/2012