Just one level of Dragon Age III is bigger than all of Dragon Age II

Various representatives from Bioware took to the stage at the Edmonton Comic & Entertainment Expo in Canada over the weekend, and let slip a bunch of tantalising new facts about the upcoming third instalment of the Dragon Age series.

"Just one level in DA3 is as big as all of DA2's levels" was perhaps the most exciting nugget, tweeted by Bioware producer Cameron Lee during the presentation. Dragon Age II took place almost entirely within the vast city of Kirkwall over a span of decades, so it sounds like the next game - which finds the player taking charge of a new military order known as the Inquisition - will be expanding its boundaries considerably.

Also revealed was the fact that Dragon Age III has had longer in pre-production than both previous games in the series, as well as Mass Effect. Character customisation will return in a big way, after being toned down for Dragon Age II, and there were also playful hints that players will have their own castle in the game. You'll apparently get to upgrade the interior and possibly even defend it from attack.

Mike Laidlaw, the creative director of the Dragon Age series, revealed that although the team would love to include more playable races, for this game the main character will be human only. You will get to choose an origin story for them, as in the first game. Despite starting over with new characters every time, Bioware is also looking at ways that choices made in the previous two games can be incorporated into Dragon Age III.

Dragon Age III is still deep in production, and is currently planned for release late next year.

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