Just Cause (PC)

  • Revolution defeat corruption fights for justice and lead a nation to freedom in an open ended world where everything is possible
  • The largest environment ever seen in a game! Over 1024sq kilometres of land sea and air allowing complete gameplay freedom.
  • Over the top stunts! Jump from vehicle to vehicle skydive base jump parasail
  • Your playground 1024 sq kilometres of mountains jungles beaches cities and villages to explore quire possibly the largest environment ever seen in the gaming world
  • Freeform gameplay approach missions in any way you like or break off from the fight and enjoy exploring the islands landscape.
  • Massive selection of vehicles over 100 of the most varied exciting array of land sea and air vehicles ever seen in a video game.
  • Stunts Over-the-top stunts jump from vehicle-to-vehicle parachute parasail skydive and base-jump.
  • Wealth of missions story missions side-missions bonus missions and many more all ensure there is plenty of action spread throughout the islands.
  • Province Control change the balance of power in the game world by building alliances with the local guerrillas and drug cartel.
  • Support team Sheldon and Kane two top secret US government agency field operatives will provide you with reconnaissance info extraction and vehicle drops.
  • Avalanche Engine procedurally generated landscape delivers a huge game world with an incredibly high level of detail while eliminating loading times
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Release Date: 22/09/2006