JBL Quantum 910P Wireless Headset for Playstation (PlayStation 5)

Sound is Survival

Are those voices behind you? Footsteps to your left?

Hearing your surroundings is crucial, but truly immersive sound that gives you the edge used to require a wired headset. Not anymore. The JBL Quantum 910P Console Wireless headset delivers precise, dual spatial, hi-res audio with integrated head tracking to keep you in the center of the action.

Ideal for Playstation, also works wirelessly with Nintendo Switch and PC and wired with Xbox. The low latency wireless connection means zero lag when talking to the squad, and Active Noise Cancelling lets you play without distractions even in the noisiest places.

The Quantum 910P Console Wireless features up to 39 hours of battery, but you can even charge while you play during marathon sessions. And with unparalleled ergonomic comfort you’re gonna have marathon sessions. Cut the cord and game your way.
  • Gain the competitive advantage with JBL Quantum SPATIAL 360 on your Playstation
  • Be at the center of the game with Hi-Res certified JBL QuantumSOUND Signature
  • Low latency wireless system
  • Active Noise Cancelling technology for gaming
  • Play and charge at the same time
  • JBL Dual Source
  • Flip-up-to-mute boom mic with echo and noise suppression
  • Durable, Comfortable Design
  • Optimized for Playstation, compatible with multiple platforms
  • SKU: 837305-product