InstrumentChamp Band Edition (PC)

Learn to play music and become the InstrumentChamp!

Have you ever tried to play music? Was it hard, boring and sometimes lonely to practice by yourself? InstrumentChamp now introduce a music gaming revolution, where you can learn to play music by playing a computer game using real instruments.

InstrumentChamp is the first and only multiplayer music game where you play with real acoustic music instruments. InstrumentChamp Band Edition will help you learn to play guitar, piano & drums. You can even start your own band and play with family and friends.

What is it?

InstrumentChamp is a music game that help kids and parents learn to play music - alone or together in a band. It is now available for piano, guitar and drums. InstrumentChamp is the first and only multiplayer music game where you can play with real acoustic instruments. InstrumentChamp helps you to learn basic music skills at home. It is the perfect compliment to real music lessons. It will help you have fun with music and get motivated to practice and improve your music skills.

How does it work?

The game can listen as a digital music teacher and give instant feedback on how you play. This is possible with advanced sound recognition algorithms, that even let you play with real instruments. Graphic instructions show you on the screen how to play and you get scores if you play it well. Section scores and total scores are visualized to show personal achievements and room for improvements. This innovative approach to music learning is based on different game levels, where the player unlock new levels as they improve their music skills. When you learn a new chord on the guitar - new songs and competitions are unlocked.

Connect & Compete Online

Enter competitions online to join the global music community and become the InstrumentChamp. Invite your friends and family for a music challenge. Challenge yourself in career mode, where you unlock new levels and songs as you improve your music skills.

How do I get started?
  • Download and install on your laptop.
  • Start the game and play with real instruments - support for piano, drums and guitar
  • Learn to play basic chords and songs on different instruments
  • Play together with friends and family in a real band.

  • Piano: Just play wireless with either your acoustic piano or digital synthesizer. Also possible to connect with USB.
  • Guitar: Just play with any guitar - acoustic or electric, without cables
  • Drums : Just play with any digital drum kit that you connect with USB cable to the computer.


42 classic songs that will help you learn the basics, including:
Drunken Sailor, Amazing Grace, O sole mio, Moonlight, House of the rising sun, Twinkle twinkle little star, Oh when the saints, Frere Jacques, Guantanamera, Spanish Romance, She’ll be comin round the mountain, Down by the river side, Jingle bells, Joy to the world, Silent night

System Requirements
  • Operating system: Windows XP/Vista/7. OSX
  • Operativsystem versjon (bit/SP): SP 3 (XP)
  • Minne: 1 GB
  • Hårddisk (GB): 0,5
  • Sound Card.
  • Microphone.

Instrument requirements
  • Guitar requirements: any acoustic or electric guitar. Sound are picked up through computer microphone.
  • Piano requirements: Any acoustic piano or any digital piano
  • Drumkit requirements: Any digital drum kit
  • Digital instruments need usb-connection (or midi-connection with midi2usb-cable to be bought in music store). 95% of the instruments sold today has one of these.
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