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GAME Reward


What is GAME Reward?
GAME Reward is our way of rewarding you with every purchase you make from GAME, both online and in store. Every time you shop with us, you earn Reward points which can then be used against future orders.

Why should I join GAME Reward?
Every time you shop you'll earn Reward Points worth 2% of the order value.* If you trade-in games, consoles or accessories in any of our stores you'll also earn 1% of that value back in points.

You can even earn additional rewards through completing our cool new Accolades.

This effectively means being a part of Reward lets you pay less for your orders as the more points you earn, the more they add up to money off in future.

Once you link your Reward Card or App to your online GAME Account, you'll be able to check your Reward Points balance at any time and update your contact details at the touch of a button. Our site is even smart enough to calculate how much money your points will save you on each product!

What else do I get?
We'll send you exclusive offers matched to what you're interested in. Whatever you're into, we'll drop the best deals directly into your inbox. Or maybe through your door.

How will I know how many points I have?
To find out the points balance on your Reward Account you can go into any GAME Store or you can check online in your GAME Account. You must have a GAME Account and have linked your Reward Account to this account.

When logged into your Account the number of points you have will be shown on your Account homepage.

*You cannot earn Reward Points on the following products and services: GAME Gift Cards and eVouchers or any postage costs.

Please Note: If you sign up to Reward via GAME.co.uk you will be emailed their Reward number. If you are signed in then your account will be automatically linked. If you are a guest user then you will need to link your number to your account to begin using it on GAME.co.uk. You will not receive a Reward Card however can download the Reward App for free!

How do I start?

Sign up for FREE! Find your local store

How do I use my Reward Account online?

Link your Reward Card Link your Reward Number
Spend your Reward Card points Spend your Reward points
Lost Reward Card Lost your Reward Number

Link your Reward Number

Link your Reward Account to your GAME Account and enjoy the benefits of earning Reward Points with every purchase!

To link a Reward Account, log in to your GAME Account and select the 'Link Your Reward Card' button at the top of the Account homepage. You then need to add the 13-digit account number on the back of your Reward Card, if you have one. This is also found in the edit details tab of the App, together with your surname and the postcode that the card is registered to. If you've ordered online we will have emailed your Reward Number to you.

You can only link one Reward Account to each GAME Account. If you have already linked your Reward Account it will tell you.

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Spend your Reward points

You can redeem your points on any purchase made online as well as in GAME Stores to reduce the cost of whatever you want to buy.

Once your account is linked to your online account, as long as you have earned at least £1.00 worth of Reward Points you can redeem them against the purchases you make online

Simply add the product(s) you want to purchase to your Basket and go to Checkout as normal, and then type in the number of points you wish to spend into the Reward Points box in the Checkout. Just make sure you log into your GAME Account first!

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Lost Reward Number

If you've lost your Reward Number please visit your local GAME Store who will help you find your details and download the Game Reward App. If you've signed up online you will require a card or the App to redeem points in store. Please follow this process or download the App.

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