Icewind Dale Compilation (PC)

Manufacturer's DescriptionJourney deep into the Spine of the World a harsh and unforgiving environment teaming with merciless beasts and terrible dangers. In this exclusive adventure pack developed by award-winning Black Isle Studios are the full versions of Icewind Dale Icewind Dale. Heart of Winter Icewind Dale II the critically acclaimed soundtrack for Icewind Dale bonus CDs including Icewind Dale and Icewind Dale: Heart of Winter strategy guides an additional level and a set of 4 character portraits from Icewind Dale II.Features:Icewind DaleBattle Ice Trolls Giants and hordes of terrifying Undead. Over 150 types of new monsters that will put your courage to the test in real-time combat. * Adventure through a wide range of beautifully rendered environments from ancient ruins to volcanic caverns and icy plains. * Multiplayer support for up to six players over LAN or Internet connections.Icewind Dale: Heart of Winter * Continue your adventure in five huge new areas that add directly into the original Icewind Dale. * Hack your way through a host of never-before-seen monsters to discover over 100 new items and 59 new spells.Icewind Dale II * Conquer hordes of monsters in epic battles utilizing the 3rd Edition Dungeons &Dragons rule set. * Cast over 300 powerful spells clash with fierce new monsters and collect hundreds of new items on your journey. * Embark on your adventure with a pre-made party or customize each character. * Multiplayer support for up to six players for the ultimate gaming experience.Product Features * The Icewind Dale: Ultimate Collection contains: Icewind Dale 2 2 CDs Icewind Dale: Heart of Winter * The Barbarian - A merciless warrior of the north call upon your greater strength speed and rage to * The Monk - A master of hand-to-hand combat and unarmed in battle the power of wisdom is your greatest weapon * The Sorcerer - A natural spell caster tainted by the blood of dragons draw upon the raw power with * New character races like the Drow and Aasimar add to an extensive array of character options.
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Release Date: 30/06/2006