Humanity's Last Stand

With the Locust's underground tunnels mapped and the Lightmass Bomb detonated, that should have been the end of the nightmare. But it was only the beginning...

There was an unforeseen consequence of Delta Squad's dangerous, decisive attack on the heart of Locust civilisation. For while the Lightmass Bomb did indeed obliterate much of the enemy's subterranean forces effecting an end to hostilities for a brief period of time it also caused the Imulsion at the planet's core to vaporise; and a fatal disease called Rust Lung to spread amongst the war-ravaged population.

And then, sixth months after detonationre-emergence. The cities of Tollen and Montevado are suddenly and mysteriously sucked into the ground. And then, the unthinkable: the last human haven, the once-impenetrable Jacinto Plateau, is showing signs of being next.

Humanity's last stand is at hand, as COG forces mobilise for an all-out counteroffensive to end the conflict once and for all. For Marcus Fenix, his friend Dominic Santiago, and their fellow members of Delta Squad, that means uncovering secrets that will lead to truths they dare not find. Nothing has prepared them for the nightmare which awaits...


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