Hro Limited Edition Event Pack (Merchandise)

Unlock the DC Multiverse by exploring the iconic events that shaped it.

Relive decades of groundbreaking stories in this limited-edition collection of 18 cards only available in 32,700 5-card packs, never to be reproduced!

This latest series features fan-favorite events that have defined the history of DC Super Heroes and Super-Villains, inviting fans to explore the characters, settings, and storylines that have entertained generations and been the talk of convention room floors year after year.

Pack may contain any trading cards from the collection tiers below with the following odds in each pack:
  • Common: 38.00%
  • Uncommon: 25.00%
  • Superior: 17.00%
  • Epic: 13.51%
  • Legendary: 6.00%
  • Mythic: 0.49%
  • LIMITED-EDITION EVENTS COLLECTION: Collect up to 18 unique comic book covers from landmark events throughout DC's history including Crisis On Infinite Earths, Flashpoint, Dark Nights: Metal, Blackest Night, DC Universe: Rebirth, and more.

    HYBRID NFT TRADING CARDS: Each physical trading card is uniquely minted and connected to a 1:1 digital NFT twin. Simply open up the Hro mobile app and scan the QR code on the back of the physical card to unlock this feature, resulting in a digital NFT twin complete with Proof of Authenticity and Ownership validated by the trust/security of the Ethereum blockchain.

    GUARANTEED HOLOGRAPHIC TRADING CARDS: Each individual pack contains five cards with at least one holo per set.

    BUY / SELL / TRADE: To rise to the top of the leaderboards, you'll need to power up your trading skills, either directly in the Hro marketplace or outside of it if preferred. Negotiate with buyers, sellers, and other traders to curate your dream lineup of cards. All activity in the Hro platform is heroically backed by blockchain technology that offers Proof of Authenticity and Ownership over each asset so you can trade with confidence no matter how much experience you have.

    COMPETE: Seek out the rarest cards, rise to the top of the global leaderboards, and unlock the chance to win special rewards/experiences that'll bring the Multiverse to life.

    EXPERIENCE: Celebrating your fandom has never looked quite like this! Our dynamic global community is taking collecting to the next level...join us as this new era unfolds by visiting the Hro platform daily to see how the DC Multiverse continues to expand all year long.

    JOIN THE COMMUNITY: Your voice, interests, knowledge, and passion always come first in the Hro universe. Each member powers up the platform to span borders and timezones, illustrating the timeless connection fostered by DC's unforgettable storytelling.
    SKU: 825808-product
    Release Date: 02/12/2022