Hro Ch4 Hybrid Trading Cards: 4-Pack Premium (Puzzles and Board Games)

Hro Chapter 4 Hybrid Trading Cards Collection: 4-Pack Premium Booster Box, 29 Cards

We're excited to launch our brand-new Chapter 4 hybrid trading cards collection! This epic drop is home to 156 trading cards celebrating the DC Multiverse, including an ultra-rare Hro-tier design that has only 150 mints available worldwide.

Chapter 4 is sure to be an epic journey through the different eras of DC with card designs starring fan-favorite Super Heroes and Super-Villains like The Flash, Batman, Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, and so many more. Join in the adventure today to experience why Hro is the rewarding way to collect!

But the Chapter 4 adventure doesn't end there! Exclusively in this 4-pack and created specifically for the Hro community are two premium cards showcasing The Flash and Reverse-Flash...each 4-pack is guaranteed to come with at least one of these brand-new designs!

Lastly, we've randomly sprinkled a very small amount of ultra-rare "mythical" packs throughout our global supply. If you're lucky enough to find one, you'll get all four of our Mythic-tier designs in just one pull! More details can be found below.
  • CHAPTER 4 HYBRID TRADING CARDS COLLECTION MULTIVERSE CARDS: This incredible collection brings together 121 unique designs from the Multiverse, each one highlighting Super Heroes, Super-Villains, Comics, Locations, Iconic Phrases, Vivid Moments, Objects, Vintage Title Logos, Pencils, Inks, Civilians, Alter Egos, Panels, Head to Heads, Team-Ups, and Legends across the DC Multiverse.
  • LIMITED-EDITION THE FLASH MOVIE CARDS:Venture through the Multiverse alongside The Flash, Batman, and Supergirl with 30 different designs inspired by Warner Bros. and DC's 2023 The Flash film!
  • HYBRID TRADING CARDS: On the back of each physical Hro trading card is a QR code that connects it to its digital "twin" on the Hro mobile app, which is validated and backed up by the security of blockchain technology. Once the physical and digital twins are linked, the Hro app and web platform then give buyers access to a global marketplace to buy, sell, and trade their way to a complete collection.
  • HRO-TIER CARD: Collect, trade, and unlock the DC Multiverse by finding our rarest cards! The Chapter 4 hybrid trading cards collection is home to an extremely limited, holographic Superman design in our Hro tier that only has 150 mints available worldwide.
  • GUARANTEED HOLOGRAPHIC TRADING CARDS: Holographic trading cards are guaranteed in every flowpack you buy! Each individual flowpack contains seven or eight trading cards with at least one holo per pack.
  • ULTRA-RARE “MYTHICAL” PACKS: We've randomly distributed a very small amount of "mythical" hybrid trading card packs that contain rare designs and rare designs only. If you're one of the lucky Hros who finds one, you'll snag four Mythic-tier cards from Chapter 4, and three holographic Legendary-tier cards from the Chapter 4 Multiverse assortment.
  • COLLECT: Forge your legacy as additional card drops are released throughout the year, bringing you closer to your favorite DC Super Heroes and Super-Villains as well as the places they call home. Engage with fans from around the world while you venture into the vast depths of the DC Multiverse.
  • BUY / SELL / TRADE: To rise to the top of the leaderboards, you'll need to power up your trading skills, either directly in the Hro marketplace or outside of it if preferred. Negotiate with buyers, sellers, and other traders to curate your dream lineup of cards. All activity in the Hro platform is heroically backed by blockchain technology that offers Proof of Authenticity and Ownership over each asset so you can trade with confidence no matter how much experience you have.
  • CHAPTER 4 HYBRID TRADING CARDS COLLECTION REWARDS: Don't forget that Hro is the rewarding way to collect! On February 15, 2024, we'll take a snapshot that'll determine the recipients of our Chapter 4 Rewards Set. These Rewards will include 10 brand-new, original designs created just for our Hro community, and the best part is that YOU get to decide which DC Super Heroes and Super-Villains will be the stars! Based on the votes of our Hro Pioneers, nine characters will be chosen as the leads in their own individual cards...and those nine designs will ultimately have the ability to fuse together into one whole, composite image. And yes--that composite image will be our 10th Rewards Card, but it'll of course be jumbo-sized to fit all that action and it'll even don an alternate colour treatment to make it extra special. To learn more about how to become eligible to receive some or all of these Rewards Cards, be sure to check out our blog on October 11th.
  • EXPERIENCE: Our dynamic global community is taking collecting to the next level...join us as this new era unfolds by visiting the Hro platform daily to see how the DC Multiverse continues to expand all year long.
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    Release Date: 19/10/2023