How Evolve invented a new species of co-op shooter

Turtle Rock Studios were never entirely happy with Left 4 Dead. That's something they're aiming to address with their new game, Evolve

Most people agree that Valve's 2008 horror game Left 4 Dead is something of a classic, but the people who made it - Turtle Rock Studios - were never entirely happy with their genre changing co-op game. That's something they're aiming to address with their new game, Evolve.

"You can only tackle so much every time that you make a game, especially if you're trying to do new things," the studio's founder Chris Ashton has told VG247. "So there were a bunch of things, when we came out of Left 4 Dead at the end of the day we weren't happy with, that we wanted to make sure we really addressed from the get-go with Evolve. [In Left 4 Dead] it certainly didn't make a difference what character I chose, and it really didn't make a difference - to a large degree - what gear I chose, whether I chose a shotgun or a rifle."

Cue Evolve, in which a team of four players must hunt a constantly growing and evolving alien creature - controlled by a fifth player. Unlike Left 4 Dead, the choices you make will now impact the gameplay drastically.

"With Evolve for example, with all the different hunter characters you can be a medic, but it's not just about one medic, Val's not the only medic in the game," explains Ashton. "There are more medics and they all play different ways, so maybe you're not successful this time, but try a different medic next time. Same thing with the monsters and with the elite wildlife, you can go different strategies there...Really you have way, way more options so that every time you try the game you get something else to try. Maybe this didn't work so good so maybe try that. There's always a lot of things to explore in Evolve."

Evolve is due this summer for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. We've already had a play with it and can't wait for it to arrive.

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Release Date: 25/03/2014