Hotel Giant (PC)

You are at the forefront of the tourism industry, owning and managing a hotel. Starting out small with a hotel for business travellers, your challenge is to build a successful business, overcoming all obstacles that the exciting world of business management can provide. With over 20 detailed complexes in more than 20 vastly different cities to choose from, you can create a tailor-made hotel that exactly meets your needs and those of your virtual guests.

With the opportunity to place the hotel in virtually any location and have total control over the look and atmosphere of your foyer, guest rooms and all the other components that go into making a top hotel, success or failure is only a holiday season away.

Hotel Giant for PC Features:

  • From the designer of Seven Kingdoms Trevor Chan.
  • 26 different types of hotels (urban, suburban, resorts and theme hotels).
  • Advertising campaigns (TV, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines and Mail).
  • 8 different locations (Guestrooms, Restaurants, Bar, Gym, Business Center, Gaming Center, Swimming Pool, Library).
  • 3 perspectives: isometric, top view, 3D.
  • Realistic and detailed simulation.
  • Create your own website of your hotel with photos.
SKU: 201931-product
Release Date: 07/03/2008