Hornby iTraveller 6000 Train Set (Merchandise)

The iTraveller 6000 Train Set is the model railway of the future! This set features a train inspired by cutting edge technology.

Everything needed to get started with model railways is in the box and includes: a locomotive, rolling stock and track as well as Hornby's new controller system the HM6000 which allows the locomotive to be controlled using mobile devices via a downloadable app.

This Hornby Train Set is based on a Railroad specification. Railroad models are carefully designed to be less easily damaged, yet maintaining attractive detailing and accurate liveries.
Model railway of the future
The HM DC application is simple, straightforward and easy to use

Expand your track
Build your dream layout with the use of various available Track Extension Packs

Cutting edge technology
The HM6000 unit once paired with the free app, allows locomotives to be controlled using mobile devices

Locomotive Control
The HM6000 DC application is simple, straightforward to use and includes many features not included in other DC controllers. For example, the HM6000 not only controls a locomotives speed and direction but also the braking of the model which can be incrementally applied

No need for cables
From now on there is no need for the controller to be tethered to the track; Hornby’s HM6000 control system can operate a DC layout with consummate ease by using Bluetooth low energy (BLE) technology. Not only does the system provide simple control of two circuits but also features inertia and braking control, loco sounds, speed control and intuitive layout planning features

Witness the future
Want to know more about the next evolution of Hornby, click to watch how this amazing app development literally put train control in the palm of your hands
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Release Date: 16/09/2022